Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sunday Swim Meet

After a busy Saturday celebrating Brailey's birthday, we zipped back up the road on Sunday for Britt's swim meet. He missed Saturday in order to celebrate the big 13th birthday on Saturday, but he had a great time on Sunday and swam his heart out! Above, he and Brailey passed the time in between races by playing cards.
Getting ready for the IM relay. Sadly, they were disqualified by one of the team members, but Britt was understanding about it. He said, "That's okay - this was his first time swimming this race, so he didn't know what he was supposed to do." I appreciated Britt's compassion. He managed to shave time off all his races, so that was good, and now he is ready for another big weekend of swimming this coming weekend. Go Britt!
Wherever he goes, he always has his own personal fan club, and me, The Paparazzi, as I call myself. It was a great day, and a nice wrap to an exciting week. Now we are ready for summer vacation to begin, because we really do need a break from the extreme hustle and bustle. We're all set to have another fantastic summer!

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