Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July Home-Style

For the first time in fifteen years, Brady and I weren't at a rodeo or a bull riding for the 4th of July. We got to do something we don't get to do very often - STAY HOME AND DO WHATEVER WE WANTED TO DO! It was such a great, fun weekend - we all had a blast. There is no place the 4 B's would rather be than Home Sweet Home. So here is what we "did" while we were home... Brady had been dying to get his fields mowed down, and so he did. This made him VERY happy!
Brailey braided Materbug's mane. She loves this horse!
Better late than never! I finally got some flowers in my favorite planter, an old washtub. 
We took a couple of 4th of July photos. Britt was posing very dramatically for me. I love it!
We rode our horses, three days in a row! Friday, we went on a trail ride, which you may have seen a picture from on Facebook or Instagram. Then, we went to the arena down the road and played around. Super fun!
Where's the steer?! Someday... We are getting closer!
Britt took a bunch of these pictures while I rode his horse. He's a pretty darned good photographer!
He also took some selfies, which are hella cute!
Luckily, we had a bunch of fireworks left over from when Britt went camping with Grandma and Papa, last year. It was so windy, they couldn't let them off, last year, so we saved them for an entire year, and lit them all this 4th of July. They were a hit!  
 And then, more riding.
 I had some fun with the cans and tuned up Tex for Brailey. I didn't know I could still do it! But it was fun. Brailey and I rode all three horses!
More selfies from the photographer.
And then I took pictures of my little photographer. Britt thinks he doesn't like to ride, and yet he had a blast and wished we could ride again on Monday morning. I think he has more cowboy in him than he realizes... Alvin takes such perfect care of him!
Brailey and her boy, Texi.
Britt saw this heeling dummy and wanted to try it out. He has a natural heeler loop, so he will likely be a heeler, if he decides to rope. It is fun to see him have some interest! And it was fun to do what we wanted to do. We sat outside and talked around our patio table. We went to the movie theater and saw the new Avengers movie. We did a little bit of work. And we STAYED HOME! There's just no place like it. It was such a fantastic 4th of July, Home-Style!

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