Thursday, July 2, 2015

TEAM Eugene Summer Open Swim Meet, Day 1

Another traditional TEAM Eugene Summer Open swim meet in the books! I got quite a few pictures, so I had to post them in two batches (meaning two blog posts - lucky you!). Above, Britt and his buddies, "The Twins," as we used to call them. However, now that Britt has changed groups, there are two other sets of twins, for a grande total of three, so calling these twins, "The Twins" causes some confusion, now. But the good news is that I can finally tell them apart - I'm so proud of myself!
Britt gained a new swim buddy this meet, Spencer. His good friend Charlie didn't enter this meet, so it was nice that he and Spencer warmed up to each other. They were good teammates and reminded the other when to swim and warm up and all that swimming stuff. Ionically, one the twins from above is named Spencer, as well, so this caused me some confusion for a bit, but I'm getting all these kids figured out. I have a feeling these will be Britt's closest friends in the future, because they will be spending a lot of time together (practices and meets).
 Bright and early in the morning, jumping into a cold pool. Britt looks excited, though, doesn't he?
Britt and another face you've seen many, many times, because this boy loves to be in all our family swim meet photos. He and Britt are good friends, as well. You'll see the fun they had as you scroll down.
Big Daddy with his babies, his Pride and Joy!
And here is the picture I hinted about above - Britt and Bryce having fun in the sand. So cute!
Brady grabbed my camera and got a couple fun pictures of Brailey and I. The weather was nice and hot, so the wading pool felt good!
I didn't film his 400 Freestyle, because it is a long race, so I was able to get these cool sequence shots. Stay tuned for another fun swim post next with even more fun pictures - trust me, they will make you smile.

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