Thursday, August 6, 2015

08.01.2015 - The Most Popular Wedding Day of the Summer

Believe it or not, we were invited to five weddings this summer, four of which were on the SAME DAY! 08.01.2015 was a very popular day for our friends to get hitched, to say the least. Every time an invitation came, I was crushed to see the date, knowing we would have to pick just one to attend. (As if we are "sooooo" important, right?) In any case, we chose the one closest to home, and also the brother of a groom whose wedding we attended a year ago on the same family ranch, 4H Cattle Company. It was another fantastic wedding and I loved all the decorations! Of course I took pictures of the loveliness to share with you.
I love my pretty girl in her Rock 47 and Ali Dee Collection jewelry. I think she even had Montana Silversmiths on her wrists. She loves to wear jewelry, this girl, and she wears it well!
Britt, in his "go to" shirt for special occasions. I really need to get him a new one! And then those crazy sunglasses he found in the car. He loved them, because he thought they looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger's from Terminator. So cute!
Brady had lots of friends at this wedding! What's new there, right?
It was set in this really cool barn they cleaned up and decorated. The weather had been super, super hot, but as luck would have it, there was a fire down south, and the smoke provided a bit of protection from the sun, and the day ended up not being as hot as it was supposed to be. It was a beautiful and perfect evening!
Brady and the mother of the groom, Renee! We love this beautiful lady...!
Before the ceremony, while Brady was off getting something to drink, the little B's and I took a "selfie." 
 And then the handsome cowboy returned.
While Brady knew several people at this wedding, the kids and I barely knew anyone. My heart was in California with a bride that I had hoped to see be married. Brailey and I met her through volleyball, and we all fell in love with Madison. She was on my mind and in my heart all day long, and if the timing had been better, we would have been in California at her wedding, as well. But such is life, and she had a gorgeous celebration, and thanks to social media, we have been able to see pictures and videos of her special day. 
 Brady with the groom, Brad, after being married. A happy man, from the looks of it!
 And the groom's brother, and best man, Travis.
 That is smoke from the fire in the south, not clouds. And the cool, old barn.
The happy couple, Brad and Callie! It was another beautiful wedding, for sure.

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