Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Ridin' and Making It Happen

We've got a new trainer! YAY! We have been searching and searching for someone to help Brailey on a regular basis, and we are so happy we finally found someone who lives close enough to us we can make it happen. Thank you Patsy Hayes! As if I needed more to cram into our schedules, but this has been so good for Brailey and Tex, and it is worth all the time, effort and money it takes to make it happen. In just a few lessons, she has improved so much and her love for it has increased by leaps and bounds! 
Tex cracks me up. He has always done this, for as long as Brailey has ridden him - when he thinks the lesson should be over, he looks at me. He's such a cutie, isn't he? Brailey is finally learning how to ride, getting some confidence, and hopefully things will start clicking for her soon. Tex has been a bit surprised to have her actually using her spurs on him and making him do what she wants. So much fun to see! 
The "little brother" has to come along for lessons, too. He is good help to me with chairs and water and whatever we need, and if he doesn't have a book he is into reading and I'm not on a sales call, he talks my ear off. I love it!
They do lots of fun drills. One day, she just kept bringing the barrels out! I kept thinking, well, that's it, and out she would come with another one. 
In between lessons, Brady and Brailey got to ride in the field in front of our house one Saturday morning. They had a big time together! Perfect Father/Daughter Time. 
On Wednesday, we took Bray to her first jackpot barrel race. She had a wonderful time! She hit her first barrel, dang it, but just barely, and she rode better than she ever has before. She has a long way to go (a lot of fear to overcome from past experiences), but she's on her way and she wants to do the work. Now I have to get her a Fallon Taylor helmet... (What the helmet?!) They aren't cheap. But if it makes her feel better about wearing a helmet, it is worth every penny. 
Brailey and Patsy, her trainer. We can't wait to get back down to Patsy's place so we can learn some more!

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