Friday, September 11, 2015

Lovely Labor Day Weekend Wedding in Central Oregon

There is nothing I love more than a good wedding (okay, maybe I do love a FEW things more than a good wedding, but the point being, I really love weddings!), and it was wonderful to celebrate Brady's good friend Randy's wedding to his beautiful and fun bride, Kathy. Brady and one of his dearest friends, Clint Corey, were the "best men." They were really happy to see one another - now that Clint lives in Colorado, they don't get the opportunity to see one another as often as they would like. Below, my handsome cowboy! He doesn't consider himself a cowboy, but it's still in there. He rode his trusty steed Alvin just the other day and had a big time. A lady at the wedding said to him, "You look like you know how to ride a horse!" And he said, "Yah, I do." I think he was even a little proud of this fact, much to his surprise. He may decide he wants to be a cowboy, yet.
And my pretty girl, Brailey Shaye. My mom got her this amazing leather jacket, and it was perfect for this wedding! Although it was sunny, it was extremely cold and windy. Who would have thought the weather would turn cold like that? But we all managed to have a wonderful time, despite the temperature. When there's good food and even better friends around, the weather just doesn't seem to matter all that much.
Brady was so happy to see Bailey, Clint's daughter, who had the Wedding of the Century last summer. I still compare every wedding we go to to hers! It was great to see Bailey and her sweet husband, Joe. They are a darling couple, and meant to be, no doubt about it! They warm my heart...
Brady is competing with me for the title of Paparazzi, these days. Not really, but he does enjoy the camera on his phone! Below, the Corey and Murray crew! From left to right, Britt, me, Bailey, Joe, Brailey, Brady, Beverly, Clint and Zane.
A beautiful cross made out of old ropes by a local Central Oregon artist. Gorgeous!
Above, Brady and Joe, and below, our dear friend Kedo Olson, who officiated the ceremony, and the groom, Randy Amis.
Kathy was a super fun bride, and she danced her way down the aisle. Adorable!
You may have seen the picture on Facebook of Kedo with his hand on my forehead, "helping me" with my bangs. Here is a much more serious version of that photo.
We love these two newlyweds so much! They said the past year has been even more amazing than their wedding. We can't wait to see them again! By the way, it was much warmer in the house! I stole Brady's jacket, because I obviously did NOT dress appropriately. In any case, we all had a fantastic time - the bride and groom were adorable, the food was delicious (best wedding food ever!), and the company was amazing. Another great wedding in the books!

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