Thursday, September 10, 2015

Middle School - First Day of Sixth and Eighth Grades

How sweet it is! Yesterday was the first day of school for Britt, and Brailey was there in her capacity as a WEB Crew Leader, helping the new sixth grade middle schoolers. This year, I wasn't stressed to the max and worried. It is such a relief to have them both on the same schedule at the same school! TOGETHER, again! And of course I knew Brailey would know what to do and that she would help Britt. And she did! And he thanked her many times and asked her even more questions after school. Those are precious moments, I'm tellin' ya! It warmed my heart to hear Britt being grateful and to hear Brailey being helpful. Best of all, they got to have lunch together! They won't get to eat together again - yesterday was a special day schedule-wise, and they will have different lunch times from now on. But Britt couldn't find his friends, because they were split into their different orientation groups, and when Brailey saw him sitting alone, she and one of her besties sat with him to eat. (Sniff-sniff - the happy kind of tears, here!) Above and below, they are proudly displaying their new "Money in the Bank" lunch boxes in our traditional "before school on the first day" pictures. I was so surprised they both wanted the same lunch boxes - I figured it would be "uncool" for them, but they were both thrilled and have been dying to use them since they came in the mail over the summer. Without my even asking, they posed like the WWE Superstars who have won the Money in the Bank title the past couple of years, Sheamus and Seth Rollins. (Sorry if you aren't into wrestling and this is confusing for you... But we love our WWE!)
And of course our traditional picture by the school sign. Aren't they so-super-CUTE?! (Mothers can write/say that!) And Britt is taller than Bray...! Today is the first real day of school, as yesterday was more of an orientation kind of experience. Of course I was terribly lonely for them and wanted to cry buckets yesterday, but it is hard to be sad when your kids are so happy, and I just know this is going to be the best school year ever! 

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