Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday Night Lights

We were so lucky the past two Fridays at the local high school football game - no rain! But it was quite chilly... It was also a lot of FUN! Brailey and her Dance Team got to perform at halftime, and so we experienced the feel of Friday night lights at Sheldon High School. Brailey and her team were on fire - they were a huge hit, and it was so fun to hear everyone cheering them on. They are a great little dance team, no doubt about it.
Brailey and one of her new dance team buddies, Megan.  
Here she is watching the high school team. Do you spy her? I love that happy, sweet look on her face. Beautiful. There's just nothing prettier than a happy girl!
I know these pictures are kind of far away, but I have to get a new lens for my new camera to get close-ups, which I haven't done, yet. Still, I think you will be able to find Brailey in them and see her enjoyment and the little bit of flair she has. Britt heard some girls behind him say, "Is that Brailey?! She's really good!" This made her so happy to hear!
This was the next morning up in Portland at the competition. These are the only flicks I got, other than the ones on my phone, because I filmed her, but she was super happy and loved every second of watching the high school teams compete. Her future is looking happy and bright!

The game last night was much warmer, but way busier - due to a reschedule of a school event, we had to rush straight from the performance to the pool for the Dive-In Movie the WEB Crew put on for all the sixth graders. This is after we had already rushed down from school for her riding lesson with Patsy and rushed back to the school for her to practice with the team. It was a busy-busy-busy, long day and night, but we did it! They had to wear red lipstick last night. As you can see, Brailey's movie star lips look fabulous!
Britt was super excited, because he got to pick up his best friend Daniel before the Dive-In movie, and they hung out at the game, eating suckers and having a blast. It is so fun to watch all the middle school kiddos run around at the game. They are spreading their wings a little, no doubt about it!
I think it is safe to say our girl loves to dance. Seriously, is there anything prettier than a happy girl?

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