Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just Another Successful Saturday

Another weekend come and gone, and one more gaming show under Brailey's belt. Britt is always thrilled to go to an event of Brailey's, and in fact he was the one who was upset she wasn't doing volleyball any longer, because that is the only time he gets to spend an extended period on his Kindle. So after his swim lesson in the morning, he and I brought lunch to the show, and he passed some time on his device. It was a fun show and great to hang out with Patsy and her husband and another kid who travels with her and boards at her barn, Jaden. He is super supportive to Brailey. Below, the great Dad and Daughter Dynamic Duo.
And then, Brailey and The Best Trainer in the World, Patsy. We are so lucky to have her helping Bray! She has come leaps and bounds from where she was. We call Patsy Brailey's Barrel Racing Mom, because she takes such perfect care of her, putting on her rubber bands, holding her jacket, checking in with her before and after every run.
She hates her helmet, but we make her wear one. It is a catch 22 for us, because we don't wear one ourselves, but we just can't take the risk with Brailey.
Above, you can see Patsy and Jaden with Brailey before her event. Jaden is giving lessons to the girl on the paint horse and red helmet, and this was her first show. She did great!
This would have been her best pole run ever, and we would love to know what her time ended up being, but at the second pole from the finish line, Tex ducked in and tried to turn it. Brailey nearly fell off, but she didn't, thank goodness! Everyone wants to buy Tex, because he is such a nice horse, but they would be surprised at how hard he is to ride. He is an excellent teacher, because you can never stop riding him for even one second! Next time, Brailey will be ready.  

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