Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas in Coburg, Part 3: Christmas Day and the Traditional Family Photo

Always on Christmas morning we have our traditional "Christmas Rolls." This tradition was started by my mother and has carried on with my own little family every single year. They are so delicious, we always wonder why we don't have them more often. But then they might not be so special and yummy, right? We paired them with some bacon and eggs on this Christmas morning. We decided to attend the Christmas Day mass, this year, a first for the B's. It has always been our tradition to attend the Christmas Eve mass and to take our traditional family picture beforehand. This year, blessed be, we were able to get many family pictures! Everyone was a good sport about it, too, which made the entire experience a lovely memory. We have a lot of photographers in this family, it seems. My mother, husband, daughter, niece, brother, and myself. The only two who didn't take pictures were my dad and son!
Serious morning conversations. With a lot of laughter, as well! I must have been too busy eating to capture the laughter. Trust me, there was plenty of it!
Oh how I wish Lanie were in these pictures... Next year, right? 
 Grandparents and grandchildren.
The very short Beloved Grandmother. 
 Our traditional family photo, taken by Shawn and Lexi. This photo required teamwork.
Above, a darling candid, and below, Brady put this "little" hat (a store dealer gave to him and we use it for decoration) on Papa. It looks darling on him, doesn't it?!
 Worthy of several pictures, in fact.
Our picture with the self-timing feature. It was a little tricky, but we did it!
And a nice family photo. Our family ties have been strained and stretched over the past decade, but they are still in tact.
Blood is thicker than water, and the truth shall set you free! MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Below, the two pugs, Bucky and Rosin, watching all the photography and thinking about what crazy people we are.)
We had a wonderful surprise after we arrived at mass - Father David needed Britt to serve as an altar boy! This was an honor and blessing for our family. It was great for Grandma and Papa to get to see him as an altar boy, and Uncle Shawn was very impressed, as well. Britt did an amazing job! It was a special mass. Sadly, our family picture didn't turn out, but we got a great one at home, so all is well on the picture front, and we will hold this special mass in our hearts forever, even without a perfect picture to remind us of it. Stay tuned for a gynormous blog post and final chapter on our amazing family Christmas experience!

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