Monday, December 7, 2015

The Fastest Christmas Tree Hunting Expedition Ever

We finally found a tree farm that is close to home, actually has good trees and is affordable! We used to have the best place in the world to get our tree and the most beautiful trees ever, from Brady's dear friend Tom Benson. They were Russian Nobles, and talk about gorgeous! But those trees are long gone, and the past couple of years we have had to venture out to "real" tree farms. This has caused a bit of drama in our Christmas tree hunting procedure, due to the fact we all have to agree on the tree, and the last three years, the farms we picked did NOT, in fact, have good trees to choose from. It usually takes us a good hour to find a tree. And as everyone likes to remind me, I will get to the point that I say, "Just pick one out - whatever will be fine!" Except I always find something I can't live with in the ones they choose. So imagine our delight when we found this new farm! Not only did we find a great spot, and not only was the sun shining, we found our tree in less than ten minutes! TRUE STORY! We saw it, everyone loved it, and the very nice Hispanic man with the super cool Oregon Duck trailer cut it down for us and loaded it up. AMAZING!
Part of the tradition... Brady always has to make sure they have a "straight stump." If the stump isn't straight, then it is a deal breaker, no matter how pretty the tree. Thank goodness this one had a nice, straight stump!
It was a biggie! And by big, I mean HUGE!

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