Friday, January 22, 2016

The WESA Denver Market Experience 2016

To say Denver Market was a blast would a huge understatement - Brady and I both had a wonderful time, and we are so grateful for the experience! It was nice for us to be there together, if only for a few days. Brady went down early for his Montana Silversmiths meetings and whatnot, and for the second year in a row, he was honored with the Sales Person of the Year Award and Buckle. We are so proud of him! He was shocked, because he didn't think it was possible to win it two years in a row, but he is more than deserving. He works so hard and gives everything he has to Montana Silversmiths. His family is, needless to say, super proud of him!
The first morning I was there, we ran into Katherine Merck, Miss Rodeo America 2016, right as we walked in the door. We met her last year in the Montana booth, and she remembered us both. She is such a class act!
Just a few minutes later, we got to see her live buckle presentation at the Montana Silversmiths booth, which was super cool. And then I got another picture of her and Brady, the two "winners." I'm so proud of them both! It was a special moment. Below, she signed her picture outside the booth.
And then they took a picture with all the Montana reps. I had a bad angle, but you can see it was a fun and special moment. I'm so glad I got to see it!
Below, Brady and his very first friend from Montana Silversmiths, fellow rep Brad Tucker. Brady and Brad talk every single day, and they are the best of friends.
And more good people! The Canadians, Scott and Donny and then Jake, Brady and Brad. Good guys, all of them!
While the permanent showrooms opened up on Thursday, the temporaries, like the one I work for, Ali Dee, were setting up. Below, my adorable boss Ali Dee herself and our girl from Oklahoma, McKenzie. I had the best time with these two beauties! And our booth turned out so nice - we were in love with it!
After the set up was complete, I headed back up to the Montana booth for the rest of the day, and I got to hang out with these two sweethearts from Oregon, The Vergets. They own Ace Hardware and Gypsy Crossing Boutique in Newberg, Oregon. They are such fun, wonderful people, and I ran in to them a few more times over the week. They practically feel like family, now! Their store is DARLING, and they are the nicest folks you will ever meet. Brady and I love them!
The next morning, we took a fun little selfie before the day started.
I loved having breakfast with this guy! And the food was so delicious. YUMMY!
And WAH-LAH! Day One of our Market. Ali and McKenzie looked so darling - it was a great day! 
That evening, Clint Corey made the drive with his beautiful wife Beverly and son Zane to Denver to see Brady and go to dinner with him. Once folks from Montana Silversmiths found out he was coming, the plans quickly changed to include everyone, and we all went out to CB Potts for a delicious dinner and a smashing good time! It was so nice for everyone to see Clint and to visit, even if it was for a short time. Best friends forever!
And then, the next day, Brady had to head home. So it was just me in Denver. He stopped by to tell me good bye before he left. I hated to see him go!

After he left, Miss Rodeo Idaho 2016, Heather Skovard, was near our booth, and I recognized her from the pictures. This is the girl Brady helped pick when he was judging the competition last summer. She and her chaperon were so bummed they didn't get to see Brady, but it was fun for us to meet, and we had a great time visiting. And right after she left, Miss Wyoming Collegiate stopped by and asked for a picture with me. Her crown was so gorgeous - I felt like royalty just standing next to her! 
That night, McKenzie and I went to our first ever Wrangler Party, the World Famous Get-Together at Market. Below, the Wrangler rep from Oregon, Anthony and I. I met him on the plane home from Denver Market last year. On the flight down, I followed him to baggage claim, because I had never been to the Denver airport before. Then, on the plane home, he was seated right behind me! So we started visiting, and I gave Brady his contact information, and now he is one of our dear friends! He and Brady have a big time together. Thanks to him, McKenzie and I were able to get in to the party.
And here we are, proof that Ali Dee was represented at the Wrangler party! I really didn't want to go, truth be told. It would have been fun with Brady there, and I'm not a drinker, so I was worried it would be a drag, but I'm super glad I went, because I had an amazing time! Below, our rep from South Dakota, Kayla, me, and McKenzie.

And this lady is my IDOL! She is a Montana Silversmiths rep, also - Jo Ann. And I love her so much! I fell in love with her last year, and it was so fun to see her again. She was having a wonderful time drinking Sassy Jo's and dancing with her husband. We sent these crazy shots to Brady, who was home with the kiddos and my parents.
The Stock Show is going on in Denver right now, and right as McKenzie and I walked in to the hotel after the party, who should appear but Trevor Brazile himself! I was so thrilled to meet this living legend, and shared with him that one of his decorators is my sister-in-law, Cindy Craighead. It was so sweet of him to let us get a picture.
And then another day at Market. These two cuties did an outstanding job!
On Monday, I made sure to go say good bye to my favorite Canadian rep from Montana, Daryl. I said, "Let's send a selfie to Brady," and this is what he did. He's a sweetheart! Both Brady and I adore him!
We got this fun picture on the last day with Rodeo Quincy herself and her adorable mama. I sent as much business as I could to her booth, because her product is absolutely DARLING. I am so thrilled with my new belt and got Brailey some darling spur straps. We had a fun chat session with them and got this fun Selfie Stick picture. (I am still trying to figure out the selfie stick angle.. Need more practice!)
We got the booth packed up in record time and made it to the airport in a flash, only to discover you can't check in until four hours before your flight. So we made the best of it and visited until it was time to part ways. And now I miss these two!

Brailey made this adorable arrangement of cupcakes for me, which is the first thing I saw when I got home. She is such a love, and she did a fantastic job on them! I was so happy to see my babies! Britt came down with a fever on Monday, so I was anxious to see how he was. He has been sick all week! Last night, we learned he has pneumonia. It was a scary evening, as he took a turn for the worse with a gushing bloody nose, dizziness, blurry vision and weakness. But he got a shot of antibiotics, which was very painful, and he is seeing the doctor today for a follow-up. Thankfully, he has been able to keep his antibiotics down, so he hopefully won't have to be hospitalized. I am so grateful to have made it home to take care of my baby! I had a fantastic time in Denver and made lasting memories, but there is just no place like home!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Late Birthday Post

This month has practically come and gone in the blink of an eye, and I haven't even managed to write a single blog post! YIKES! So here is a little "throwback" to my birthday, which was just a couple of days before Denver Market (blog post on that coming soon!). It was the absolute BEST BIRTHDAY I can remember having! My family worked hard to make sure I felt loved, and I boy did I ever! My parents knew I needed a new office chair - the one I had was contributing to my back problems. They got me the most comfortable and PRETTY office chair ever! It is so dang nice and the white really brightens up my office. I am incredibly grateful for it and absolutely LOVE it! Brady, lucky fellow, got to put it together. Thankfully, it was easy!
I needed a backpack for my airport travels, and so the B's got me a super nice Oregon Duck Nike one. It was perfect! Inside, it held a BUNCH of elegantly wrapped presents, each one complete with a tissue paper rose Brailey makes by hand. She is such a love...! I got so many wonderful goodies from them, including a card from Britt that shot confetti into the air when I opened it. It was super fun and sweet!
The new office chair, complete... Isn't it so pretty?! I love it!
My friend Renee gave me the royal treatment! She made these delicious cookies (I confess - I ate nearly all of them myself!) and gave me the most darling gifts proclaiming "It's Good to be Queen," and "Queen of Everything." I even got a shower cap in the shape of a crown (it works good, too!). She spoils me! She said this was the first cookie crown she had ever made. I hated to eat it, but it was so yummy!
We had a real treat in the afternoon. One of our friends invited us on a private tour of the Oregon Ducks Football Facility. It was UH-MAZING! We had the best time! It just randomly worked out to be on my birthday, and it made the day that much more special. Brailey took most of the pictures, so they are on her phone (her phone camera is way better than mine). We will be forever impressed with this facility and grateful for the incomparable tour. SO MUCH FUN!
And last but not least, Brailey insisted I have a birthday cake. I do love my carrot cakes, you know! She had them write on this one. I can't believe I am this old... I shouldn't share my age, but regardless, that is my age, so what can we say? It was a really special day, and I am so grateful for how hard my family worked to make sure I had a nice birthday. Sometimes, birthdays can be a drag, but not this year. My co-workers made me feel super loved, as well, with their nice posts and birthday wishes - little things like that make me me so happy! So here's to another year in the Life and Times of the Queen B of the 4 B's.

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