Thursday, January 21, 2016

Late Birthday Post

This month has practically come and gone in the blink of an eye, and I haven't even managed to write a single blog post! YIKES! So here is a little "throwback" to my birthday, which was just a couple of days before Denver Market (blog post on that coming soon!). It was the absolute BEST BIRTHDAY I can remember having! My family worked hard to make sure I felt loved, and I boy did I ever! My parents knew I needed a new office chair - the one I had was contributing to my back problems. They got me the most comfortable and PRETTY office chair ever! It is so dang nice and the white really brightens up my office. I am incredibly grateful for it and absolutely LOVE it! Brady, lucky fellow, got to put it together. Thankfully, it was easy!
I needed a backpack for my airport travels, and so the B's got me a super nice Oregon Duck Nike one. It was perfect! Inside, it held a BUNCH of elegantly wrapped presents, each one complete with a tissue paper rose Brailey makes by hand. She is such a love...! I got so many wonderful goodies from them, including a card from Britt that shot confetti into the air when I opened it. It was super fun and sweet!
The new office chair, complete... Isn't it so pretty?! I love it!
My friend Renee gave me the royal treatment! She made these delicious cookies (I confess - I ate nearly all of them myself!) and gave me the most darling gifts proclaiming "It's Good to be Queen," and "Queen of Everything." I even got a shower cap in the shape of a crown (it works good, too!). She spoils me! She said this was the first cookie crown she had ever made. I hated to eat it, but it was so yummy!
We had a real treat in the afternoon. One of our friends invited us on a private tour of the Oregon Ducks Football Facility. It was UH-MAZING! We had the best time! It just randomly worked out to be on my birthday, and it made the day that much more special. Brailey took most of the pictures, so they are on her phone (her phone camera is way better than mine). We will be forever impressed with this facility and grateful for the incomparable tour. SO MUCH FUN!
And last but not least, Brailey insisted I have a birthday cake. I do love my carrot cakes, you know! She had them write on this one. I can't believe I am this old... I shouldn't share my age, but regardless, that is my age, so what can we say? It was a really special day, and I am so grateful for how hard my family worked to make sure I had a nice birthday. Sometimes, birthdays can be a drag, but not this year. My co-workers made me feel super loved, as well, with their nice posts and birthday wishes - little things like that make me me so happy! So here's to another year in the Life and Times of the Queen B of the 4 B's.

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