Monday, February 29, 2016

'Cause I'm Hollow - Dance Competition in Sprague

Oh my gosh do I ever love this dance! I can't wait to share the video of it with you. This past Saturday, we made our way to Sprague High School in Salem, and Brailey's team competed against several other middle school dance teams. Brailey and the tiny dancer she helps lift up at the beginning of the dance, Kaelyn, are so elegant! I start crying every time I watch them, for some reason. Kaelyn's mom said the same thing happens to her. They dance with their whole hearts, and I guess we can feel it, as their mothers. This is such a fun team to watch! They were much more "on" for this performance than the previous weekend. They are all so darling!
After their dance, while the judges compiled their score, their performance was replayed on the big screen, which was really cool. Watching it from a different angle was interesting, as well. It looks totally different, believe it or not!
At the end of Round 1, they had a "Drill Down" for all the middle schoolers. Brady loves this part and calls it the "Thrill Down." All the dancers line up and perform certain moves that the caller gives them. Brailey did well until the marching part - this confuses her. She is still learning the motions. I can't imagine doing it at all, so I am proud of her for doing it, period. She will get it figured out, I know that much. Isn't her face precious in these pictures?!
After the "Thrill Down," they gathered in their circles for the awards. They were looking at themselves on the big screen. So cute!
They won second place! Truthfully, I thought their routine was much more difficult and beautiful to watch than the other teams, but second is nothing to be ashamed of. And they do have room for improvement. Perhaps I am barn blind, afterall! I am excited to see this dance again. It goes by so quickly, I am always a little sad when it is over. Dancing is too much fun! And no doubt about it, happy girls are the prettiest girls.

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