Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Annual Swim Banquet - 2016

'Twas a wild evening for Queen B (that would be me) and my B's last night, but we prevailed and enjoyed ourselves in the process. Because Brady was traveling, I had to be in two places at once. Really, I needed to be in three places, as Brailey's class was having an 8th grade graduation meeting, but I had to bow out of that one and will jump in down the road to help out. One of my duties as photographer for the swim team is creating a slide show for everyone to view during the banquet. It is always a huge relief to me to get this done! So after I dropped the slide show off and made sure Britt was fed and in good hands (thank you Dina!), I drove Brailey across town to her dance class. Unfortunately, the traffic was horrendous, and it took longer than I anticipated. She was almost late, but we made it in one piece, which is always good. Then I headed back to the banquet with much better traffic, but I still missed Britt getting up to receive his certificate. He understood and didn't mind at all. After it was over, I took him to the outdoor hoops near Brailey's dance practice, and he got in a good session of shooting and dribbling. Another successful, busy evening!
Brailey, waiting to go to dance class. 
Britt hasn't seen much of these guys, lately, as he is only swimming a couple nights a week. But it was fun for him to hang out with them for a bit. They joked that he could win an award for "Most Absent Swimmer." Sad, but true!
Britt and his swim coach, Martha. She has been very understanding about Britt's dual sports adventure. 
He was thrilled to be able to shoot hoops while we waited for Brailey. Of course I had to throw him some passes and offer my motherly basketball advice. He has decided we will do this every time we have to wait for Brailey. I love his dedication and can't wait to see what his future holds - swimming and basketball, just basketball, or just swimming. Time will tell! 

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