Thursday, May 26, 2016

Basketball and Golf with The Grandparents

After a long time in between visits, we were so happy to have my parents come for the weekend, even if it was only for a short time. They came to see Britt's last basketball game of the season. They were able to see him play in the beginning of the season, when he was lost in the game, and it was fun for them to see the improvement over the past few months. He's come a long way, baby!
Brailey just loves her cat, Jack. He loves her just as much!
Papa decided Britt needed to learn how to do a "hook shot." What can we say? Papa's still got the moves!
The next morning, we got some golfing in. Brady is quite serious about his golfing, and he inspired my dad to try his hand at it. He gave a brief lesson, and everyone had fun hitting the ball. Even Grandma hit some! However, I was sworn not to share her pictures, so you won't see any of her golfing. It was mid-morning, and after all the visiting and a big breakfast, she and I were still in our pajamas. What can we say? Time got away from us! But she did great, and so did Papa. They are natural golfers! 
Things got really serious when Brady determined we needed shorter grass. "Get back," he said, and proceeded to mow a little area. I'm not sure it did much good, but at least he tried.
Everyone was trying to get their ball in the bucket. Grandma came closer than anyone! 
My parents' beloved pug, Buckaroo, or Bucky, as we call him. He is never far from my mom's side. He's a sweetie boy. And the absolute most loved dog on the planet!
Finally, game time. Britt was super excited to have everyone watching him. I love the picture below of Grandma and Britt!
He had the best game he's every played! He gave it 110%, like he always does, and it was really fun to watch him. This was a difficult team and season, but we survived it and learned a lot!
They couldn't get their "dabs" together, at first, but then they did. So cute!
Britt and Papa. This picture and the one of Britt and Grandma from above will be the ones we save forever. Special times. These are the days! We finished the afternoon with ice cream from Dairy Queen, courtesy of Grandma and Papa, and then watched a movie later on. Fun times!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The New Adventure of Golf

They didn't want to do it. In fact, they said it was going to have to be Brady's Father's Day present from them. But when it was all said and done, they enjoyed themselves and now they are hooked. What is the "it" I am referring to? Golf, of course! Brady insisted they take part in the Kidsports golf clinics this spring, and so they did. And although they did end up having a great time, nobody is more excited than Brady. To say he was thrilled is an understatement! He loved every second of getting them ready for the clinics, which included gathering clubs and bags and putting everything in order.
The clinic was held at Laurelwood Gold Course. Of course I made them pose for a few pictures before it started.
Ironically, the weather leading up to this day was GORGEOUS! Sunny and nice. On the morning of the clinic, however, we woke up to pouring down  rain. Not a light little mist, but rather a bonafide downpour! Luckily, they were able to do what they needed to under cover, which was great!
The happy dad and daughter.
The happy dad and son.
After the first day was over, they both agreed they enjoyed it. Below is the start of the second day. Although the weather was overcast, it didn't rain. They started by stretching.
While they were doing their thing, Brady decided I needed a lesson, as well. He has determined golf will be a fun new family activity for all of us to enjoy. Which means I have to play, too. Two or three years ago, he got a set of nice clubs for me, complete with a bag, at a yard sale. So I am set! He gave Britt his old clubs, and then he found a darling bag and a nice set of for Brailey at Goodwill. It was fun to watch him get all this stuff together. It took him a few weeks, and he loved every second of it. He must have visited a hundred thrift stores the past couple of months. Who knew we all had to have our own clubs in order to golf? He did! And lucky for us, we all have a nice set of clubs. Frankly, I am surprised at all the rules - I had no idea everyone had to have their own clubs. I figured we could all share. But this is not the case. Thankfully, we have a great teacher, and I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson from him.
Brady, of course, is an excellent golfer. It has been great for him to golf during his travels in between stops at the end of his day. Every town has a golf course, it seems. And with these longer days, why not golf in the evenings? It sure beats sitting in a hotel room watching TV.
Britt was the most reluctant participant in the beginning, but by the second lesson, he was all in. He really enjoys it! Brailey decided she liked it right away, but it took most of the first lesson for Britt to determine he was a fan. It was nice for them to have each other at the clinic. They were the oldest kids there, but the instructors were excellent, and they had a fantastic system for teaching everyone.
Brady and I also did a little putting. It looks so much easier on TV!
When the kids weren't golfing, they had them stand in the circle. Safety first, right?
They had this guy run out as a fun little game for the kids. The instructor got such a kick out of it! Her laugh was contagious. The kids used a special club and hit tennis balls, and if they hit him, the balls stuck on his suit. They all got a charge out of it - fun!
And then putting for them. They had all these really fun obstacles.
The girl in the white goes to college in Texas on a golf scholarship. She was super fun! She reminded me so much of my niece, Lanie. After it was over, Brailey said the same thing, "That college girl who was helping us reminded me of Lanie!" The three of them had a big time with this putting obstacle.
Even Brady had to try it. We couldn't leave until Britt made it. It took several tries, but he finally got it! Everyone else gave up, but not Britt. He was persistent, to say the least. We all cheered when he finally made it.
Britt enjoyed golf so much, he was a true gentleman and carried Brailey's bag up the hill to the car for her, all on his own without anyone asking him to. Brady has to get Brailey and I straps for our bags like he and Britt have on theirs. Then, we will be totally set to hit the golf course. Golf courses all over Eugene will be thrilled to have the 4 B's on their courses, I'm sure. Hahaha! What can we say? A new family adventure has begun.

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