Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Best. Weekend. Ever! Memorial Day Weekend (Le Sigh...)

Is there anything better than sunny weather and three days in a row off? Probably, but this particular combo ranks right up there in the Top Ten, doesn't it? We had such a great Memorial Day Weekend! The only problem was how fast it went by. But we got a ton of projects done, had fun, and still managed to relax. In other words, it was a very "balanced" weekend, with all the important elements that makes life feel so good - spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. And that brings us to the two pictures surrounding this paragraph... Brailey is going to enter the Trail Competition at Julie Fisher's place in a couple of weeks, along with Patsy Hayes (our barrel racing/horse trainer). Brailey is going to ride Tex, as the two of them have a lot of trust in each other when it comes to trail. Barrel racing? Not so much. Patsy is going to ride Mater. And it is going to be so fun! Brailey decided to practice up on her BB Gun shooting off of Tex, which was one of the obstacles last year.
I love this time of year so much, and I wish it could last forever. Our pastures grew really well, this year! I usually get the boys (Tex and Alvin) myself, but I had the younger B's get them over the weekend. These kinds of moments might seem ordinary to some, but they absolutely melt my heart. My kiddos, horses, sunshine, green grass... All favorites of mine!
On Sunday, we took time out from our projects and hit the golf course. It was the first time for Brailey, Britt and I. It was such a gorgeous day! Brady was adorable, and it was hard for me to maintain the proper level of seriousness, because it was so fun for me to see his excitement and his interaction with the kids. We all learned a ton about golfing, and although we only played nine holes, it wiped me out! We have a lot left to learn, and we are as amateur as they come, but it is going to be a fun family activity we can all enjoy together. A very nice gentleman took our picture for us right before we hit the course.
The next day, Brady set up this old carpet for us to practice on. Both kids got their clubs out without any prompting from Brady, and so he was more than happy to accommodate their desire to work on their swings.
Even I got some practice in. Brady had to tweak a few things on my swing, and I was finally able to hit the ball decently. Golf can be extremely frustrating, let me tell you! But man, when you hit that ball like you want to, it feels amazing. We had stopped at a yard sale on a whim on Friday on our way home from school, and Brady found these incredible drivers for me, and a new golf bag, too, which I love. I am totally set, now - lucky me!
Our "instructor" gave us a few demonstrations. 
Britt's bag was a huge frustration on the golf course, and so Brady did one of his favorite things to do - he got on Craigslist to see what he could find. And he scored! He found Britt this awesome Oregon Duck bag. It is not only cute, but has a stand like Brady's bag. And Brailey was able to have the strap from Britt's old bag, so we are all set to jet on the golf course, now.
The proud dad taking pictures - it cracks me up! And you can see what three of our projects were in these pictures. Among other things, we re-stained the deck, sealed the concrete and pressure washed the house. And I have to say, it all looks AMAZING! I am so thrilled we got it all done and it turned out so well.
And so we say goodbye to an incredible and fulfilling weekend, but we say hello to the official start of summer! The next three weeks are the busiest of the year, but that's nothing new for us - we're rarely not busy. And we are already enjoying summer, the true "most wonderful time of the year!"

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