Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brailey's Eighth Grade Graduation

It was a day to remember, and an entire few days to remember, really (you will see this in my zillion blog posts to come - hahaha!). Last Wednesday, our darling Shaye-Shaye graduated from eighth grade and all the grades before it. Wow. The middle school years literally flew by in the blink of an eye! For a lot of kids, middle school is the worst time of their life. At least that is what you read about. And so we were prepared for the worst. And we did have a rocky start, with Brailey's best friend from elementary moving a mere two weeks before school started, her locker fiasco and a mother who is far too protective crying with her instead of consoling her. But it didn't take long for her to find her way, to make new friends and to realize she really liked middle school. She had a wonderful middle school experience, and when the end came, she didn't want to leave. In the picture above, she is putting on her press on nails that she just happened to have, and they matched her dress so perfectly! She looked stunning.
Papa, Britt and Brady put their boots on outside. I'm guessing they were the only three at graduation in their cowboy boots and belt buckles. But let me tell you, they were very handsome!
Grandma and Papa made the trip all the way from Harney County to see Brailey graduate. They had a lot going on, but they made the time to come, and we are very grateful they did. 
Her hair from the back.
These three Catholic Cuties have been together from the beginning and went through all their First Reconciliation and First Communion classes together, as well. I love their mothers so much and I am grateful to my toes to know the two families. Jonah, Brailey and Nick.
Speaking of Jonah's mom, she snapped this family picture for us, the only one we were able to get. Thank you, Kristin!
Every graduate made a poster about themselves. Brailey's was so cool. She couldn't wait to show us before graduation. Below, she and one of her dearest friends, Elleot. They are both dancers on the high school dance team, the Sheldon Colleens.
The decorating committee was UNBELIEVABLE. They really went the extra mile. The picture below shows the backdrop, with the words, "See the stars and how they shine for you." They had zillions of stars and balloons. But the dance decorations in the cafeteria... Wait until you see those. INCREDIBLE! The principal and teachers couldn't believe how amazing it looked, and the kids were blown away. We are so lucky to have these kinds of parents for our kids. I did help a tiny bit, but not nearly as much as the committee moms. They deserve an award - seriously!
Of course, the big moment comes, and my camera wouldn't focus! I couldn't believe it. And my poor mother had her camera poised and ready, but right when Brailey got up there, it timed out and went black. So this blurry picture below is all that we have.
Here she comes, all smiles. Her friend Keysi is directly in front of her, and another fellow Colleens dancer and friend, Bella, right behind her.
Britt and Grandma were having a fun conversation on the way out. So funny! I think Britt was teasing her about being so short.
Brailey and Keysi. They looked darling in their pretty dresses!
Brailey, Keysi and Naomi. Naomi was new to their group this year. She got in with the right crowd - the girls she picked to hang out with are the sweetest.
This sweet girl, Irene, came running over with her mother and grabbed Brailey for a photo, so I hurriedly snapped one of my own. I didn't even know who she was, but she was a new girl that came to the school mid-year, and Brailey got to take her around to all her classes and show her the ropes. She wrote the sweetest note in Brailey's yearbook, thanking her for being her first friend. This makes me so proud of Brailey for having a positive impact on someone like this. Every new girl should be so lucky as to have someone like Brailey to take them under their wing. I am thrilled Irene appreciated her help. So sweet!
As you can see, we kept adding more and more people to each picture, until we had to take a selfie. Britt did a great job getting us all in there!
And remember I told you how amazing the decorations looked? Well they were truly spectacular!
My friend Renee headed the whole thing up, and she did so, so good. We got this fun picture right before the kids came in. And then the photo booth guys said, "Hey, we need a test run, can you two pose for us?" And those are the fun pictures below. Right after that, Kristin and Sandi came in, and we were so lucky to get all four of us. Those photo booths are FUN! They snap the picture before you are quite ready. I love all three of these ladies, and I'm so thankful to have these fun candids. And I am grateful to my toes to Renee and Kristin for all their hard work on the decoration committee. They certainly accomplished their goal - it was truly a graduation to remember.

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