Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Britt's Last Day of School and Awards

The morning after graduation, there was an Awards Assembly for all the sixth and seventh graders. Brailey jumped at the opportunity to come into the the office to help her favorite office ladies. She was absolutely thrilled to be there! When I said she was sad to leave Monroe Middle School, I wasn't kidding. She loved this school and everyone there.
I was able to catch Britt in my big lens from across the gym. Mr. Cool, but not too cool for school! He earned an award for his 4.0 GPA. I am so proud of him for this accomplishment, because I know it wasn't easy. He made sure to wear his Cleveland shirt and hat because it was Game 6 of the series on this day. He always makes sure to wear his Cleveland shirt when they are playing.
I included this picture to show you the decorations from graduation, again. They were truly wonderful!
Britt making his way down to get his certificate. He is very proud! When he came down with pneumonia, he had a tough time getting caught up and bringing his grades back up, but he managed to do it. In his last term, he also had a tough class that nearly got him a B, but with a lot of extra hard work and effort, he was able to pull off an A in the end. We are super proud of him for caring enough to work hard and make it happen.
High fiving his friend above and giving us the "high sign" below. So funny!
His audience from across the gym. Brady took a couple of vacation days, since the festivities were smack in the middle of the week. And of course Grandma and Papa got to come, since they were already here for graduation. Win-win for everyone!
Britt and Brailey both made it into the All In It To Win It Club, all three trimesters, as well. I believe they are a handful of kids that made it in all three times. This means they had all their assignments turned in. And below, all of Brailey's awards, her "diploma" and Britt's certificate all stacked together. Nice job, my hard working B's! 

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