Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Starry Night Cupcakes

On the day of Brailey's graduation, she didn't have school. They had a lunch for all the academic honors kiddos, and then graduation practice afterwards. She had been planning on making her favorite teacher, Mrs. Kronser, Starry Night Cupcakes for months. I will admit I didn't think they would turn out. I even warned her not to be disappointed if they didn't, as things rarely turn out without a practice run. However, I shouldn't have doubted my little artist. She is, afterall, the great artist Henry Faulkner's great niece. They turned out super cute! She couldn't wait to give them to Mrs. Kronser, which she did right before her luncheon. Starry Night is Mrs. Kronser's favorite painting, according to Brailey. It is also Brailey's part of the piano she painted over the course of the school year (see Art in the Courtyard post). In any case, it was super sweet of Brailey, Mrs. Kronser loved them, and I would have to say it was a successful venture. I'm so glad my girl is a giver - that, more than anything, makes my heart smile.

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