Thursday, July 28, 2016

Clark Country Rodeo Bible Camp Drop Off

She was too excited for words, and I wanted to cry. Another week without my girl! It just doesn't seem fair to a mama. I never knew it would be so hard to share them when I became a mother. And it certainly isn't getting easier - quite the opposite. On the other hand, I am happy that she had so much fun at the bible camp she went to last year, she couldn't wait to go to this one. She wanted to go back to the one in Pendleton this year, but it was during her last week of school, so it didn't work out. However, Vancouver is much closer to home. This year, she has Mater. Last year she had Tex. Brady and I feel really good about her being on a new horse. She has ridden him quite a bit, and Pasty Hayes has done a remarkable job with him. Plus, his personality is the good-natured and sweet, people-pleasing kind that jives perfectly with Brailey. This will be a fantastic bonding experience for the two of them. And so what could we do but pretend to be excited to be dropping her off at her second Rodeo Bible Camp on Sunday?
Mater has been known not to like other horses, but Pasty said he is getting over this. He was very friendly with the horse next to him.
And she met a friend right off the bat! This girl was super friendly and owns the black horse Mater is meeting in the picture above. She came all the way from Pomeroy WA, six hours away.
 I just really like this picture below for some reason. Tugs on my heart strings...
Brady and Britt got her cot all set up for her, which she borrowed from Papa. Thank goodness he has this and let her use it. Nearly every kid there has one of these fancy cots. They sleep in huge Army tents, and if you don't have a cot, then you sleep on the ground, which is what Brailey had to do last year. I am sure she is doing much better with this cot.
Below, she is checking out the schedule. She was excited and confident enough for us to leave her on her own. I held it together, but I truly did want to cry.
She looks so short here compared to Britt. But make no mistake - she is growing up. Brady, Britt and I can't wait to pick her up and hear all about her experience! And I think Patsy is feeling the same as us - Mater is like a kid to her, and she loves Brailey, too. What can we say? We're all family, now! Stay tuned to hear about the camp and how it went.

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