Tuesday, August 16, 2016

BSM Kustom Kanz

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeck! August is getting away! Didn't it just start? And now we are already halfway through? It has definitely been the busiest month of our summer, especially for Brailey. After her dance camp, rodeo bible camp and camping trip in Harney County, Brailey hasn't had much time at home this summer. When we are home, she's either been at dance practice, a riding lesson, a dance lesson or golfing. And in between all of that, she has managed to start up her amazing trash can business. And it is truly the most darling trash can business!
It all started with this can she made for her year end art project at school. She had to come up with a project of her own that she spent at least ten hours on. Her favorite person in the world, her Aunt Cindy in Texas, started the whole trash can craze a few years ago, and so Brailey decided to try her hand at painting one herself (with her Aunt Cindy's blessing). It turned out so cute! It was a huge hit at the auction. She got an order from a girl in the school office she worked with who saw her can, and from there, she got a couple more orders. And now, she is expanding her business and already has a new idea in the works (thank you Patsy Hayes for the creative thought!). Stay tuned for the new can that is coming.
This gives you a good idea of the size of a large can. They are quite a bit bigger than the small and medium sizes.
She signs them all with her initials, since they are, in fact, a work of art. 
The Daisy Can is her first special order. It turned out so well! The girl told her exactly how she wanted it. It is much cuter in person, because you can see the detail on the petals. The customer loved it! It is the medium size. 
From there, she made this great Tulip Can for a birthday gift for a special client's sister. This one has the tulips going all around it. It is so bright and cheery, you wouldn't believe it! This one is a large one.
And then our beloved friend and trainer, Patsy Hayes, wanted a small one with a picture of her boot and spur. Brailey painted this in a day, and I swear the boot looks just like the one Patsy sent to her. So super cute! This is a small can.
The Feather Can is my favorite so far. It is a small, and I had her make it as a gift for one of our friend's for her baby shower gift. We filled it with diapers. Her nursery colors are turquoise and red. Hopefully she will be able to use this even after the baby grows out of the nursery. So cute!
And Brailey's favorite and a design all her own she was dying to do, the Indian Headdress Can, which is turquoise and glitter. You can't see the glitter in the picture, but it is so amazing! She is selling this one. If you are interested, please let us know. It would be a darling grain bin, dirty clothes hamper, shoe storage, pet food storage, recycling bin... The possibilities are seriously endless! 
Brailey learned of her Great Uncle Henry Faulkner in the course of her art course this past year. He was a famous artist, and the Faulkner artistic gene is a very strong one, and passed down to every single Faulkner. He was cousins with William Faulkner. True story! Henry was Brady's dad's little brother. There is a lot of art on Instagram of Henry's, and I always tag Brailey's trash cans with his name. One person who knew Henry sent me a message and said Brailey paints similar to Henry. This made her so happy! Sadly, Henry died in a car crash. Brailey is truly talented, and as her mom, it is special to see her develop her talent. I am so impressed and proud! I am also grateful for her amazing art teacher, Mrs. Kronser, for teaching her how to paint, and for the fact that they have art at Monroe Middle School. And we are more grateful than words to Aunt Cindy Craighead of Lucky Ranch Style for letting Brailey use her spectacular idea. She gave Brailey her full blessing to create these, which was so sweet of her. I'm sure someone will try to copy the idea, but honestly, unless they can paint like Cindy or Brailey, they won't be the same. These are one-of-a-kind items, and I can't wait to see what other trash cans she creates. BSM Kustom Kanz - order yours today!

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