Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our Beloved Grandma Diggy Visits Oregon

It had been over two years since we last saw Brady's mom, our beloved Grandma Diggy. The last time was back when she and Brailey flew to Texas for three weeks. We were so happy to see her after such a long time! We only got to spend a couple of days with her, but we made the most of our visits. Above, she was telling Britt about her email situation, which was a hair raising experience for her. She and Britt had just started emailing each other, and she loved his emails, but then her email provider changed, and she hasn't been able to email since. Below, Brady was teaching her how to text. He thinks everyone should know how to text. So funny!
One of the things she really wanted to do was to see Britt play basketball. And so outside we went, and Britt showed her some of his moves. She was thrilled to watch him and loved every second of it! Britt, for his part, enjoyed having such a captive audience. She also wanted to see Brailey ride, but Brailey was gone at her Rodeo Bible Camp. And unfortunately, we missed the first week of her time in Oregon, because we were camping. Timing is everything, and oh-so-difficult, sometimes.
On our second visit, we picked her up and took her to one of our favorite places for lunch, Coburg Crossing Cafe, which has the most delicious fish and chips in the world! I knew she would love them the first time Brady and I had them, and I couldn't have been more right - she loved every bite! She was also very happy to see Brailey.
Brailey has become very interested in our family history, this year. She discovered her great uncle is the famous painter, Henry Faulkner, and she's been reading a book about him, "The Outrageous Life of Henry Faulkner." She couldn't wait to talk about it with Grandma Diggy and to learn more about him. For her part, Diana brought a ton of genealogy on Brady's dad and his family to give to Brailey, and she was thrilled to learn there is a book about Henry. Of course she had met him and told Brailey everything she knew about Henry and his brother, her Grandpa Eddie, and many other members of the family. They had quite a conversation. Near the end of our visit, she told us about meeting Ronald Reagan and riding with him several times back when he was an actor, riding the three different Trigger horses for Roy Rogers and how Dale Evans rode and bought one of the horses she trained. It was fascinating to hear about the life she led! Brailey was captivated by every word, as we all were.
It was hard to say good bye! We dropped her off at Uncle Boone's and gave as many hugs and kisses as we could fit in. It was so fun to see her in such fine form and she truly hasn't aged a bit since the day I met her nearly 16 years ago. She was astonished that Britt has grown so tall and was in love with Brailey's beautiful hair. We are hopeful it won't be so long between visits, this time. She is good for all our our egos, because she loves everything we do, loves our home, and she also tells me my children are "perfect." It is a our own private joke that my B's are her "perfect grandchildren," but extremely heartwarming to be loved so much. We love our Grandma Diggy!

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