Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Yesterday morning was an early one for the B's and I. They both had orthodontist appointments. We got done with those in good time, and so we swung by Dutch Bros for a hot chocolate for each of them before school, complete with whip cream, because why not? It's the little things that make life fun. They were so happy to have them and thanked me like the sweet kiddos they are. After I dropped them off at their respective schools, I was happily listening to Fox News on the radio, thinking about what a great day it was going to be, and WHAM! I got rear-ended.

I was in our brand new car that we haven't even had for a year. It wasn't too dramatic of a hit, although it did hurt my neck and gave me a raging headache immediately afterwards for a little while. But the headache went away, and this morning I'm not even sore, really. What a relief! The kicker, though, is that the guy who ran into me is a sales rep. He was on his way to Portland. I'm pretty sure he was looking at his cell phone when he hit me, but I can't say that for sure. It all happened in a split second, of course. I've tried to replay it in my mind a few times. But the irony of his occupation was not lost on me. In fact, I knew it, somehow, before he even told me. Which is why I asked him. I said, "Are you a sales rep?" I told him my husband was, as well. His job gave me some sympathy for his predicament, because I know how hard it is to be on the road in traffic under pressure all the time. I live with that every day.

Brady, speaking of sales reps, was out of town. As he is every week. I was a bit shook up, I'll admit it. I held myself together until I got back in my car to drive home, and then the tears flowed. It was a minor fender bender, yes, but a major reminder of how fragile we all are, myself included. Thoughts I try not to think about passed through my mind, like what if I had been killed? Or seriously injured? How would my kids have felt with me gone or hurt and Brady out of town? Thank goodness they didn't have to worry about it. Thank GOD I am okay. My car has a some dents and scratches, but it is basically okay, as well. I spent the rest of the day being grateful it wasn't worse.

And you know what? I still had a great day. I shook the feelings of unease and fragility off, and focused on being grateful. Am I sad about my car? Yes, for sure. But I am grateful it is built strong enough to sustain the impact as well as it did. Britt said, "Were you so mad at that guy?" And I told him no, I wasn't. I knew it was an accident. And it was a good reminder. Life is fragile. We are all fragile. Be careful out there. And oh-so-grateful for life!

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