Friday, December 23, 2016

A Few of Our Favorites

Over Thanksgiving weekend, in between all the rain, rain, and rain, our dear friend Terra Jacobsen-Barnes took a few family photos for us (thank you so much, Terra - you are the best and nobody else could put up with our crazy ways!). We've actually never had family pictures like these done, and it was fun! Even Brady and Britt enjoyed it. I'm glad we have these memories and faces captured in time. The kids are growing up right before our eyes - it is unbelievable! When they get their braces off, we'll have to do this again. There are so many pictures that I love, but I don't want to be too narcissistic, so I kept the number of pictures I am sharing down to a reasonable number. In any case, behold my beautiful family, my B's, the ones I live and breathe for every second of every day... Hope you enjoy! 
We like to have fun. Britt may be silly, but he is the best Mama's Boy I know. And Brailey and I with our fun "big hats!"
 This is the only picture that turned out from the hay barn. These two are such an amazing pair... Heart melters!
And there you have it - the 4 B's in living color. We are wild, crazy, happy, conservative, loving country people living and loving our lives like there is no tomorrow! 

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