Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gratitude - It Matters

There is so much out there about gratitude, it is hard not to come across it at least once a day. We just wrapped up November, which is all about gratitude. I loved seeing all the posts about what people are thankful for. Gratitude is truly the Secret to Life! I believe that with my whole heart and soul. And I work at it, every single day. It isn't easy, but it is oh-so-important. Why, then, do people not write thank you notes?

This is my personal opinion, and I am on a mission to spread this news to young and old alike:
IF SOMEONE GIVES YOU A GIFT, YOU OWE THEM A HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU. I think it is a sorry excuse for people to simply "say" thank you or to send a thank you text, which is outrageously lazy and insulting UNLESS it is followed up with a handwritten note, or to not say anything at all. Nope! It really isn't okay. Yes! You really do need to take the time to send a NICE and HANDWRITTEN note. No, it isn't okay to send a generic card you have made that says NOTHING personal. That is not only rude, it is disgraceful. Seriously disgraceful.

Likewise, IF SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING INCREDIBLY NICE FOR YOU, YOU OWE THEM A THANK YOU. What is so hard about this concept? If someone goes the extra mile for you, then why not let them know you appreciate it by telling them AND writing them a nice card, letter or note? Why NOT?

I work hard every day to be grateful and to give people credit where credit is due, and I still don't do it as often as I should. But let me tell you this... My kids have written thank you cards for every single gift they have ever received and for nice things people have done for them, and they will continue to do so until they no longer live under my roof. And when they no longer live under my roof, I hope and pray they will STILL do this, because it IS important.

One time, a friend of mine was upset because she hadn't received a thank you card for a gift she sent to someone. Ironically, this friend has never once written me a thank you card for gifts from me. Seriously? IT IS NOT OKAY TO EXPECT THANK YOUS IF YOU DON'T WRITE THEM YOURSELF.

Does this seem like a rant? Well guess what? It dang sure is a rant. I am so sick and tired of the world focusing on themselves. That which you focus on expands, so focus on being TRULY grateful and take five minutes away from your device or phone or computer, and send someone a thank you out of the blue. Not only will it make their day, it will make yours, as well.

Being grateful DOES MATTER. Writing thank you notes IS NECESSARY. Seriously. Every single time. In the words of the great Nike brand, JUST DO IT. You will be glad you did.

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