Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Winter Season Dance Banquet 2017

Brailey's first year of high school dance is officially in the books! She looked so darling in her jumpsuit last night. It was an extra special night, because the Varsity girls won the state title this past Saturday. Mother Nature (they danced to this theme) was AMAZING! It was fun to see how proud Coach Hillary was of them. This is truly a spectacular accomplishment! We are so, so proud of them! It was also special to see all the seniors recognized, and each dancer on the entire team, from Exhibition to JV to Varsity. So much dedication and countless hours of hard work were represented - it is impossible not to be impressed. And best of all for Brailey, she was honored with a very significant accolade, the Coaches' Award. This award means the world to her! 
I am so frustrated with my camera. Why can't it just focus and take the picture properly? I have no idea what the problem with it is - too complicated for me. But nonetheless, if it wasn't blurry, the picture above is very cute! Before the banquet began, the dancers were chatting.
In addition to certificates, they are each given a necklace with a glass keeper for charms they earn. Brailey earned one for JV, one for her GPA, and then one for the Coaches' Award. This is such a fun tradition, and they all end up with different charms, depending on what they earn. Brailey was so happy to have been given the Coaches' Award. She always works hard and does her best to deliver, and it warmed my heart to see her perseverance pay off. Dance is not an easy sport. All sports at Sheldon High School are tough, no matter which one you pick, but I would have to say the dancers spend the most hours practicing. It is a year-long commitment, and we are so proud of Brailey for sticking with it. It has been harder than she anticipated, but she did it! And now we kind of know the ropes. The first year of anything is intimidating. We are looking forward to seeing where the next three years of high school take her. The sky is the limit!

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