Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Arriving into April

April showers, spring break, a little sunshine and a lot of family time wrapped up March and brought us into the new month. We didn't go anywhere exciting or do anything out of the ordinary, but we did have a lot of quality time together, which we consider fun. The weather was typical for spring break - lots of precipitation. Britt said, "Well, you can tell it's spring break - it's raining!" As you can see, Alvin is feeling like all of us. He is sick and tired to death of this endless rain! Never has it been so wet in the valley as the past few months. Winter came early, and frankly, she has worn out her welcome in these parts. I'm not a fan of winter to begin with. I cling to the infrequent rays of sunshine when they come. In spite of the rainy days, we did what we wanted to do and made the most of our time together.
Alvin's face is seriously the cutest face in the history of horse faces, is it not? I let him and his furry sidekick Tex munch on some grass at the beginning of our break. They loved every morsel!
We didn't get to see as much of Britt as we would have liked. He is spreading his wings a bit. He started his week going with our favorite coach and friend, Justin, to a basketball camp in Albany. He was able to attend this camp on Monday and Tuesday, and he had an amazing time! Justin said he has really improved on his skills this year and that his hard work is paying off. This is great news for Britt! He has been working hard and is ready for spring basketball.
We were so happy to have Brady at home with us for the entire week! He was on a roll, getting projects done. Nobody can build like Brady can. I am so lucky to have such a handy husband who can bring all my ideas to life! And even better, he enjoys doing it.
Brailey has transitioned to riding Alvin while her main mount, Materbug, is at "Finishing School" with The Best Trainer Ever, Patsy. She really wants to learn how to rope this summer, and so she is going to use Alvin as a starter horse. He is such a rock star! She is falling in love with him, and of course he loves the attention. She said, "You're right, Mom (music to any mother's ears, those words). Alvin really is fun to ride!" What I wouldn't give to turn the clock back on Alvin's age.
One of the things Brady built is a super cool golf platform for us to hit off of when it dries out. Our wonderful neighbor gave us the green pad for Christmas, and Brady built a frame to support it. It is just like a driving range! I will post more pictures of it down the road. It turned out so perfect!
Another project involved welding my stock pile of horse shoes together for the empty pergolas we've had for too many years. I was ready to take them down, but Brady rallied his equipment and he did such a good job putting them together! I designed, and he welded. He seriously is so talented!
It is hard to see, but there is another set of a different design in the background. They couldn't have turned out any better! They made me love my yard. I am so thrilled with how they look! 
On Friday, we actually got some sunshine! Britt went to his friend's birthday party, so Brady, Brailey and I went to the driving range. If you look carefully, you can actually see Brailey's ball in this picture!
 And then, on Saturday, which according to the weatherman, was supposed to be a lovely and sunny day, we went out to Fiddler's to play nine holes. The weatherman was wrong. But thankfully, it was a just light mist. However, the course was a swamp! Even Brady was taken by surprise at just how wet it was. All our our feet were soaked to to the bone. We lost several balls, because they would just sink into the grass and disappear. Somehow, we still managed to have fun! It was great to see that we are much improved from last year. We still hit a lot of bad shots, but we hit a lot of good ones, too, and that was encouraging. There is hope for us!
 Bubba Watson (Britt's driver cover) goes with us now. Britt loves him!
Brailey was asked by a national clothing company, Southern Grace, to be a Brand Ambssador. She was so thrilled! I am her official photographer, of course. I was teasing her as I took this one, which she will never post, but I think is funny and cute. What they say is true in so many ways - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My girl loves fashion as much as I do! 
On our travels to work on Sunday, the same day as Wrestlemania 33, hence the shirt she has on, we stopped by Patsy's to drop some stuff off and to say hi to Mater. He loves Brailey so much! Brailey was ecstatic to see her horse. She misses him like crazy! She gave him all kinds of loves and kisses and he enjoyed every second of it. Britt spent this day with his best friend. He went to mass with them and ended the day at a BBQ. He had the time of his life! I love their friendship more than words. They are so comfortable with each other and able to truly be themselves. What a gift!
And now we are on the last leg of the school year! This is usually the fastest part. I always say, if we can just make it to spring break, the rest will fly by. We are praying for better weather so we can actually enjoy the great outdoors. The days are longer, and we are thrilled about that! More time to rise and shine. And tomorrow, we celebrate Brady's birthday. Hello April, and look out spring - we're comin' for ya!

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