Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Brailey's First JV Golf Tournament

Last Thursday was Brailey's first real golf tournament, and it was too much fun! It was a JV tournament held at Fiddler's, and not only did she look adorable in her Sheldon gear, she played really well and she had the biggest fan club on the golf course, following her from hole to hole. I was so lucky to get a picture of her with some of her teammates before the tournament. They all just happened to arrive at the same time, including her coach, so of course I took advantage of the situation.
Brady drove all the way from Ellensburg WA after his appointment in the morning, and he made it in time to pick Britt up from school and the two of them made it for her tee time. I had to pick up Brailey from school early, so it was great that Brady was able to get Britt. Luckily, she was in the fourth group, so we got to hang out with her for a little bit before she started playing.
And SURPRISE! Uncle Boone showed up! Brady has some stiff competition in Brailey's Golf Fan Club rankings. Uncle Boone is more excited about her playing than anyone! He was so much fun to be with and he was super proud of his niece. Brailey was able to golf with Uncle Boone and Brady the Thursday before, and he was so impressed with how well she is doing and how fast she is learning. He knew exactly where she hit every ball. He is a special uncle, for sure!
This girl with Brailey is the sweetest, nicest girl ever! She is a senior on the team, and from the moment we met her, she was friendly and kind. She gives Brailey rides every now and then from practice, and she came out to show support for her teammates before she went and practiced herself. We are very grateful for her friendship! Her dad is the Assistant Coach and a math teacher at Sheldon, and Brailey likes him, as well. And on a side note, she thought it was great that I was taking pictures. Booyah!
And there she goes! It was a great hit. Uncle Boone and her dad were very excited.
Below she is giving the thumb's up to Uncle Boone and Britt. 
Her gallery of supporters, minus me, the "paparazzi." 
I couldn't get enough pictures of these two. They were so fun to watch!
You can see Brailey in between Brady and Boone in both of these pictures.
She played with two really nice girls from Thurston. They told Brailey she had the sweetest family ever. Booyah again!
The weather was pretty cooperative, believe it or not. It was a bit chilly, but the wind died down when they started to play, and it only rained briefly. All things considered, Mother Nature was fairly decent.
Britt found a ton of stray balls lost due to the winter conditions. He and Brailey are looking at one of them below. He was a supportive brother, even though he was cold and his feet were killing him.
The last hole!
Uncle Boone had to get his rain hat out at the end. Brady was the flag tender for the girls and loved every second of doing that for them.
And here they are, walking in to the club house in the rain.
And here he is, the proud uncle! It was truly special to have him there with us and to see how much he loved watching her. We had a great time with him! 
Her coach made this great Leader Board. Brailey ended up 6th out of 16 girls - not bad for her first time! Her dad and uncle are incredibly excited about her golf game and we are all more proud than words can say. She has three more tournaments, and we are definitely looking forward to them. Golf is not an easy game to play, but it sure is fun!

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