Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Father's Day Fun

Father's Day was Brady's Day, and it was a beautiful, sunny one! He was so excited to load all our golf gear in the back of the pickup and to hit the town. Our first stop, of course, was our new favorite place for special occasions, Texas Roadhouse. And it did not disappoint! It was so delicious... If only we could eat there every day! 
From there, we went straight to the golf course at Fiddler's. It was not the best golf dau for me - I am in a "slump," and I finally just gave up and took pictures, which was much more fun. If you've ever played golf, then you know how frustrating it can be. The kiddos did great, and of course Brady did, too. They are all naturally gifted when it comes to golfing. Brady was thrilled we were all out there together. Once I finally figure out my swing and develop some consistency, I will try it again. For now, I enjoy watching them and playing paparazzi, which is what I do best. That said, I will admit golf is not for the weak-hearted. I have never had a sport test me so strongly. It's a character builder, to say the least. Britt said it isn't as much fun without me to watch. That's because I am so bad, right now, it is highly entertaining! Haha. And Brailey is sure we could be millionaires if they did a reality show on us. That's probably true... It's a hoot to watch, I'm sure! Unless, that is, you happen to be me. But I am thrilled golf has worked out so well for Brailey and Britt, even if I am a bit jealous of them.
This is Britt's favorite place to find stray balls. He gets the biggest kick out of it!

You can see from Brady's face how much he enjoys the game. He shot a really good game! And the weather could not have been more beautiful or perfect. He was thrilled!
His Live Lucky hat looked so perfect on him. He is a rep for this line, which is one of his favorites. They are officially known as Live Lucky Black Clover hats. These are taking the nation by storm and they are the next big thing in the western world. But if you can't find them in your local western store, don't despair. Just go to your nearest golf shop, and you will find them there. Fiddler's actually has a wonderful selection. And Brady has slowly but surely been getting them into some of "his" stores. They are the coolest of the cools, for sure!
These two are so blessed to have Brady for their dad. There's nobody else like him! He loves them more than anything, and he works so hard to provide for them and to make sure they have every opportunity available to them. His B's are his world, including me, and we are the luckiest B's in the world!

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