Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ground Squirrel Hunting at Uncle Shawn's

On Saturday morning, we headed out to my brother's place. Brady was so excited to take the kids ground squirrel hunting for the first time. And I was excited to see Shawn's ranch for the first time. Brady told me I would love it, and he was so right! He got to see it earlier in the year. It has a ton of potential and is so peaceful and beautiful and perfect. And it has a ton of ground squirrels! Not such a good thing if you are a rancher, but part of life in Harney County. And perfect entertainment for us valley folks! Below, my brother got out the old Ford he got from our Uncle Jim and Aunt Sharon and drove the mighty squirrel hunters around the ranch. Luckily, they found ground squirrels everywhere!
I love this picture. It was such a beautiful day! Not too hot, no wind, sunshine all around us, a few pretty clouds. Sheer perfection!
Brailey's gun had a scope on it, which made the squirrels a bit harder for her to find. Her eyelashes are so long, they kept getting in her way. Britt had a big time beating her to the punch every time they found one. He loved shooting those nasty little varmints! Nate (Lanie's boyfriend) was a pro and hit every squirrel he aimed for. Needless to say, he's had a little more practice than the two B's.
This was a great way to spend our morning and a day we will never forget! It was so nice to feel welcome and loved. My brother and his girlfriend took perfect care of all of us. Everyone was happy to the max. Family fun - there's nothing quite so special. These are memories we will all cherish forever!


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