Monday, September 4, 2017

Day at the Beach

Last week I took my B's to the beach. I had a store to visit in Newport, and so we combined work with pleasure and had a great day together. Our first stop was Feed Corral, where they helped me out with my samples. They were the best assistants a mother could ever ask for, let alone a sales rep! They carried my samples and briefcase up and down the stairs and set out the samples and put them away while I entered the order. And lucky for us, there was a coffee stand right next door, so we were able to grab a treat before the buyer got to her store. I was seriously grateful for their help! 
Shawna, the owner of Feed Corral, told us about a great place to eat on the beach, and so we went there for a fun lunch. We had the sweetest waitress - I couldn't decide between clam chowder or fish and chips, and so I finally settled on fish and chips, and she brought me a sample of the clam chowder out of the blue. It was delicious! Little gestures like that are so kind and can really make a person's day.

After our lunch, we walked to beach. It was a bit rainy and foggy when we first arrived, but within minutes, the sun came out and it turned warm. There was no wind, which was amazing! It was the absolute perfect temperature.
Nobody loves the beach like Britt. This is his first sand castle. He quickly moved on from this one to two others. He was in heaven! There is nothing better than a happy Britt - his happiness is one that is contagious.
Sand castle number two.
We moved from our original spot to a different place down by the rocks where Brailey was studying the tide pools. Britt marked our territory for us. "Property of the Murrays."
Then, some selfies. I had my phone and my real camera, so I was able to catch them in action. In the spirit of selfies, I decided to do one of my own. (Insert smiley face here.)

And the third time is the charm - sand castle number three. 
The tide was making its way in, and so we couldn't leave until Britt saw if his "wall" worked to protect his castle. He was happy - his engineering skills were a success! 
Initials and corresponding feet. Writing in the sand is always fun. 
The trail to the beach had all these cute benches. There must have been at least twenty or so of them. Of course they each had to sit on their own for my picture.
And then the lovely sand still stuck to us. Britt had a ton of it on him. But it all vacuumed out of the car. And he was so happy and grateful we made the time to hit the beach. He thanked me and said he had such a fun time. That's all I needed to hear. It was a perfect day with my darling B's, and I am so happy we were able to squeeze it into the last bit of our summer.

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